Here are twenty best questions asked in Landmark Quiz 2015. If you answer all of them, you are a Genius.

Following is a list of some of the best questions (according to me) from the recently concluded Landmark Quiz 2015. It was held at Chinmaya mission centre in Chennai on August 15, 2015. As usual most questions were well researched and beautifully scripted. I have picked a few of them. Comment your answers if you want to take the quiz.

Disclaimer: Many (if not all) of these questions have been rephrased. They were noted down as keywords during the prelims and the finals and then rephrased on my own from memory. So simplification is the order of this compilation. Also some questions are video based and have answers in the titles, in the video itself. In such cases pat yourself only if you answer before seeing them.

BTW the clickbaity title is just a reference to Buzzfeed Blizzards.

If you answer all the questions right, it means that you… have answered all the questions right.


20 Questions beginning now:

1) The compass rose or Star of the Sea (image below), which you can see in many maps, helps in denoting the directions in a map. Which Chennai based Educational institution also has it in it’s logo?
Star of the Sea. Also in edu institution logo.

Star of the Sea. Also in edu institution logo.

2) Most animals of this kind you see in a Zoo are from one particular country which rents out animals as a form of diplomacy. What is this diplomacy called?

3) This is a font designed to bring awareness and understanding about which human condition?


4) This Melbourne building is inspired from what or whom?
Ghostly or Ghastly

Ghostly or Ghastly

5) What’s common to all of these?
New - New - New

New – New – New

6) The logo of which company combines the two logos of the companies which merged to create it? It was derived from the torch logo and the fountain logo which were combined to create the current logo of this publishing firm.

7) Which day is celebrated as World Emoji Day? Why was it chosen as World Emoji day? Why were Twitter users disappointed on that day?
Confusion emoji

Confusion emoji

8) These army uniforms were derived from a which fictional object?
Revenge of the Myth

Revenge of the Myth

9) Whose campaign?

10) Identify and put funda.
Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke

11) What is this kind of kick called?

12) Which leader’s name is derived from an Indian mythological figure? His father added a prefix so that he has only the good qualities from the mythical hero.

13) What are the only two observer nations in UN?

14) What did NDTV do in March 8, 2015 to oppose banning of Nirbhaya documentary?

15) In which logo would you find the presence of these two art work?
Maori art

Maori art

Tohora art


16) Identify and why did this become controversial in China?
Protest song or Breakup song?

Protest song or Breakup song?

17) Identify the musical piece and why is it played in China in many places like schools, malls, etc?

(Click on the link below the gif to see it in full screen and to hear the audio)

18) People with these tattoos are being supportive of which condition?
fault in our stars

fault in our stars

19) What connects these two albums?
1 of 2?

1 of 2?

1 of 2?

1 of 2?

20) What did Nehru do after India became independent which also symbolized that the civilian had more authority than the army chief?

If you can read in between lines and format questions from vaguely worded key words from quizzes or that sort of thing, here’s the note i made during the Landmark quiz:

and QFIesta Quizzes:


A visit to Lausanne

I visited Lausanne last weekend. This was part of my Swiss – nature, culture and society lectures i had opted in for.

We, a group of around 15 students from Zurich reached Lausanne at about 10 30 AM. We proceeded down the metro line to reach the lake side at Lausanne. Then we walked up to the Olympic museum. While the rest of the group decided to climb the tower, i chose to venture inside the museum. It was worth the time and ticket money (12 chf.)

Lausanne as seen through my camera

laausanne17 Lausanne 9 Lausanne Lausanne4 Lausanne6 Lausanne7 lAUSANNE13 lausanne21 lausanne22 lausanne25 lausanne27 lausanne30 lausanne33

A blog about blogs

So this is like my nth attempt at blogging.

Getting so motivated to create a blog > creating one or two blogs > forgetting about the very existence of the blogs – this is how i have lived my WordPress hype cycle.

Previous attempts at blogging having either petered out after a few attempts or have stopped abruptly after just one post. These are just a few examples from my long list of blogs which i had already created that sit glumly littering my wordpress admin page.

And if you were wondering why this blog is called a ‘A Tramp Abroad’, it’s a reference to a Mark Twain’s travelogue where he writes about his travel through Europe and many other countries along the equator.  And when he tried to learn German, he got frustrated and wrote a long parody on his attempts in learning the German language. Check that out.

Well, what am i aiming for while writing this blog? World dominance? no. To show you how funny/ creative i am? no. Probably i am just writing this so i can share some stuff from my life. Well, as long as i am not seen as an over sharer on Facebook and occupying my friend’s timeline with numerous Zurich pictures, all is well.

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The Exchange Semester batch at ZHdK

Foto aller Studenten

This is the exchange semester batch for the year 2015 who are  studying at Zurich University of the Arts.

Some of them are bachelor students, while some others are Masters students.

They come from various countries. South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Mexico, UK, Colombia are some of the countries.

I am thinking of creating a series of posts profiling some of these students. or may be a video blog about these students?

Related: And today, after many days of wanting to, i visited the scientific visualisation department at ZHdK.

My First Week at NID Bangalore

So after quite some wait, i joined the Design for Digital Experience course at NID, Bangalore last week. One week of being in NID has completed. Here’s a little of what i experienced at NID Bangalore.

In this one week, i have met many interesting people. had a few interesting experiences, did an assignment for a poster submission.

Among the many lecturers during the first week at college, Jay Dutta and Michael Foley were the ones who impressed me. Michael Foley from Foley design among many spoke about the design of the Commonwealth baton. Jay Dutta from Adobe spoke about the ABCs of Design and what’s in future for Adobe.

Coming to my current batch, there are quite a few interesting people. From a guy who tok huge risk to join my course to guys experienced as much as 6 years, there are quite a few range of students in my batch with regards to experience and where they are from.

Also last week we had an assignment to put our ideas in Design on a poster.

Looks like an interesting journey has just begun.

BTW MFH, mein Nambirajan hoon; mein Tirunelveli sae aaya hoon 🙂